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How Celebrities Influence Society

How Celebrities Influence Society

Celebrities influence society in various ways. They are known from different backgrounds such as professional athletes and business moguls. Their success makes them admirable and motivates people to try the same lifestyle. People often follow anything that celebrities do or say. Some people say that they hate celebrities, but there are also others who up-to-date with the person they like.

Some people admire a well-known person that they will check every social media multiple times a day to stay updated about their favorite celebrities. Fans also develop a parasocial relationship with their favorite celebrity. This is when they become obsessed with someone popular and invest all their time and love in them while the star doesn’t have any idea about their existence.

Celebrities also have a great responsibility.  They are an impressionable person, and they could be judged so hard when they make a mistake, making it harder to learn their lesson and move on. Being a celebrity has some positive aspects as well. For instance, Olympics athletes are forgotten when they are not on the stage representing their countries. People would not know them without the media. Their personal life, how they train and how they entered the competition is unknown until they are put into the limelight to represent the country. These athletes have a significant influence on young children who want to excel in particular sports like their favorite athlete.


People seem more interested in a commercial and when their favorite celebrity does it. Some companies hire celebrities to endorse their brand to increase their sales and popularity. More customers will remember ads with celebrities that they know instead of being a random artist. Many people will also think that if their favorite celebrity is using the best and latest item, maybe they will become popular or be seen as a celebrity as well. In other words, hiring a celebrity may help your brand stand out.

There are also celebrities who are launching their products and wearing it themselves to promote it. Examples of such celebrities are Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. They have at least 65 million followers on their Instagram accounts. These celebrities can post a photo of them wearing their product on their social media accounts and get people to notice them.

Influence People’s Opinions

Celebrities can also influence the opinion of many people. For instance, a mass school shooting happened in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, that killed 17 lives. Celebrities have voiced their opinions about gun control, triggering a nationwide debate about the topic. Many celebrities also participated in March For Our Lives, a student rally that occurred on March 24, 2018, by supporting the event, speaking and singing. Miley Cyrus performed her hit song “The Climb” during the event.

Without celebrities, many issues would be left unnoticed and swept under the rug. They have a huge platform to speak out on and bring up politics, product endorsements or social issues. Celebrities also encourage people to voice their concerns and opinions as well as shape how we view lifestyles and live through trends.

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