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Life Hacks to Make Your Life a Lot Easier

Life Hacks to Make Your Life a Lot Easier

Do you want to learn some easy-to-follow, low cost life hacks that can help you save time? A lot of people don’t know, but there are simple tricks you can do to make your life easier. By tweaking just a few things in your life, you can make a world of difference. Find out what these little tweaks are in this article.

Bright Colored Fabric

If you want it easier to spot your bag or luggage in the airport, a good life hack would be to tie a bright colored fabric on it. Just a small piece is enough so you can see if it’s time for your bag to be checked or not. You may also use luggage or bag with unique designed and bright colors.


Toothpaste isn’t only great for keeping your breath fresh and your gum and teeth healthy. You can also use it for removing stain circles of water on your wood furniture. White toothpaste is the best to use. Just put a bit of toothpaste on the predetermined area, dab then wipes the stain off the surface.

Creative Wine Cork

Wine corks are among the things often used in creative crafts. You can use them for accessories, home décor, tools, kids’ crafts, and more. One difficulty is cutting it as it easily crumbles. Soaking it first for 10 minutes in hot water and holding it with a large paper clamp can make your life easier.

Salt for Cleaning Iron

Irons usually get stained, which isn’t just unpleasant to see but also can stain the clothes you’re ironing. But by simply using a generous amount of salt sprinkled onto your ironing board, you’ll be able to clean it off. Turn off the steam option and set the iron to the highest setting to get the dirt off your iron.

Tinted Mason Jars

Just like wine corks, mason jars are flexibly creative. You can use it for a variety of crafts or just a vase in your room. A clear mason jar is a bit boring though. You can tint your jar instead using food coloring, acrylic paint or spray paint for added charm.

Dents on Wood Furniture and Floors

Dents on wooden floors and furniture don’t look pleasant. An easy, quick way to remove them is to use a wet paper towel or cloth plus an iron. Iron the damp cloth or paper towel over the dent, which causes the steam to expand the wood straightening the dent.

Paint on Skin

Removing paint from skin doesn’t need you to use chemicals. Instead, you can use baking soda and coconut oil. Put them on the spray paint staining your hand, let it soak, then massage to remove the paint from skin naturally.

These are just a few of the many life hacks you can try to make your life easier. They are tried and tested by many who always look for effective ways to solve little issues we encounter. With these life hacks, you can save both time and money by offering low cost, easy-to-follow solutions.

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