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Recognizing Stock Trends

Recognizing Stock Trends

Before you deeply delve into recognizing stock trends, you first need to know what trend really means. Trend is defined as the prevailing inclination or tendency or line of general movement or direction. The term “trend” is also used as a verb which means to expand on general direction. Using this word with regards to stock market would mean stock that’s trending and moving on general direction.

Stocks move in three different ways, this move up, move down or move sideways. The stock trends are commonly spoken in terms of bullish trend, wherein prices of stocks are increasing or bearish trends which simply mean stock prices are decreasing.

If the price of stocks goes up or basically goes down, but moves sideways, some individuals do not view this as trend. Technically speaking, this stock is considered sideways trend. This trend is also referred to as “period of consolidation”.

Ways to Easily Identify Trends

There are ways on how to easily identify stock trends and one of these ways is looking at stock chart. These charts are common and are readily accessible over the internet such as Google and Yahoo Finance. If you are looking at stock chart and the latest price is higher than the previous price, then the stock is considered uptrend. Conversely, if you are looking on the stock chart and the recent price is lower than the previous price on chart, then stock is viewed to be downtrend.

It’s easy to look at these charts and identify the trends but the important question is “does this stock trend really has the power to continue?” Apparently, once you have identified the trend, you will realize that this is not enough to know the direction the market has actually been going but the direction that it’s most likely to go from here. It is for this reason that you significantly need to determine the real strength of any particular stock trend. Another reason for this is that, individuals ideally get on a trend with good momentum; a type of momentum that can carry stock price in direction which will give individuals excellent profit.

There are also ways on how to measure the strength and weaknesses of a trend. Most analysts depend on trading volumes as indicators that a trend’s strength is either decreasing or increasing or just staying the same. So if you’re considering your next stock trades, do not just consider what stock trend has been but more essentially, if this trend is capable to continue.

Your knowledge can save you especially if you are new to stock and finance field. Take time to practice these ways on how to recognize stock trends for this can help you come up with profitable investment decision and choices. Beginners can also benefit from these.


Overall, recognizing stock trends is important and beneficial especially to those who wanted to ensure successful investing. These trends help traders and investors weigh their options and decide if they need to invest or not in a smart and practical manner.

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